What do General Practice Liaison Officers do?

General Practice Liaison Officers (GPLOs) facilitate: 

  • Appropriate clinical pathways and transfer of care processes 
  • Integration of services at the interface between general practice and hospital care.

This includes improving: 

  • Transfer of care 
  • Clinical handover and hospital discharge processes 
  • Local strategies to integrate care and improve models of care 
  • Collaborative models of care development 
  • Interprofessional education and engagement about integration mechanisms and associated models of care. 

The GPLO as a network member

This includes:   

  • Building the capacity and capability of GPLOs through shared learning, experiences, resources and innovations 
  • Providing opportunities for QGPL Network members to build mutually supportive and collaborative relationships to enhance individual and network growth and development 
  • Sharing improvements with the network and supporting their wider implementation 
  • Supporting and contributing to the implementation of the QGPL Network annual work plan 
  • Showcasing QGPL Network and member achievements. 

Network work plan

The QGPL Network work plan provides a framework for development of the network, identifying current focus areas.  

Current QGPL Network work plan focus areas are:  

  • Clinical communication and transfer of care 
  • Facilitating collaborative care 
  • Interprofessional education and engagement  
  • GPLO and network development.